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GoldenEye: Source - Version 5.0 (Full)

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Name: GoldenEye: Source - Version 5.0 (Full)
Entwickler: Team GoldenEye: Source
Dateiname: GoldenEye_Source_v5.0_full.exe
Größe: 2 GB
Download-Zeit: Modem (56k) - 106 Stunden, 31 Minuten und 19 Sekunden
ISDN (64k) - 93 Stunden, 12 Minuten und 24 Sekunden
ADSL (800k) - 7 Stunden, 27 Minuten und 23 Sekunden
Downloads: 3.915
Letzter Download: 15.04.2024, 22:08 Uhr
Eintrag hinzugefügt: 01.09.2016, 08:46 Uhr, von filL
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Goldeneye Source setzt ein installiertes Source SDKBase 2007 voraus.

Falls Custom-Maps vorhanden sind, müssen diese vor der Installation unbedingt gesichert werden, da die Neuinstallation diese entfernen wird!

Mit Version 5.0 soll es immer wieder exklusive Inhalte geben, wie zum Beispiel Waffenskins, die ein Spieler unter bestimmten Bedingungen erhält.

Ebenso kommt in dieser Version nach langer Zeit unter anderem die Map "Bunker" neu und "Caverns" in neuem Gewand hinzu. Außerdem haben die russischen Soldaten einen neuen Skin bekommen und sind nun als Spielermodell auswählbar und als neue Waffe gibt es nun den Granatwerfer.

Der komplette Changelog im Detail:
  • New Features

  • 4 new maps have been added:

  • Added: Archives Classic
  • Added: Bunker
  • Added: Dam
  • Added: Depot

  • 2 new game modes have been added:

  • Added: A View to a Kill:
  • You are scored on time spent alive
  • Dying resets current time to 0
  • Killing a player adds 50% of their currently accumulated “time alive” to yours
  • Slapper kills will reward you with 75% of their currently accumulated time
  • Current time leaders are highlighted with red markers

  • Added: Gun Trade:
  • Each player is randomly assigned a weapon at the start of the match
  • Killing, or being killed by another player will swap weapons between you and that player
  • Slapper kills remove the victims weapon from circulation and assigns a new weapon that is not currently in circulation
  • The player with the most kills at the end of the round wins

  • 2 new playable characters have been added:

  • Added: Russian Infantry
  • Added: Russian Soldier

  • Other Features:

  • Added: 25 new music tracks
  • Added: 40 new achievements
  • Added: Added Community Contributor rank which comes with a scoreboard tag and Klobb skin

  • Level Design Updates

  • The following maps have had significant layout changes and/or have been entirely remade to improve game balance and overall performance:

  • Remade: Aztec
  • Remade: Caverns
  • Remade: Caves
  • Remade: Complex Classic
  • Remade: Facility Classic
  • Remade: Basement Classic
  • Remade: Library Classic
  • Remade: Stack Classic
  • Remade: Runway
  • Remade: Temple Classic
  • Modified: Basement
  • Modified: Control
  • Modified: Cradle
  • Modified: Egyptian
  • Modified: Facility
  • Modified: Facility Backzone
  • Modified: Silo

  • The following maps and their respective assets have received visual updates:

  • Updated: Archives
  • Updated: Bunker Classic
  • Updated: Casino

  • Game Mode Updates

  • Modified: Arsenal:
  • each round now consists of an 8-weapon set (down from 16)
  • each weapon requires 2 kills to advance to the next

  • Remade: Capture the Flag (Formerly Capture the Key):
  • Dropped flags are now returned immediately on contact
  • Overtime only triggers if the round ends in a tie

  • Removed: Live and Let Die

  • Art & Sound Updates

  • Added: The following weapons have received new models and muzzle flash particle effects:
  • Slappers
  • Hunting Knife
  • Throwing Knife
  • PP7/Silenced PP7
  • DD44
  • Klobb
  • KF7
  • ZMG
  • D5K/Silenced D5K
  • Phantom
  • RC-P90
  • Shotgun
  • Automatic Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Cougar Magnum
  • Golden Gun
  • Silver PP7
  • Gold PP7
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Hand Grenade
  • Timed Mine
  • Remote Mine
  • Proximity Mine
  • Watch Detonator

  • Added: Support for special event weapon skins
  • Added: Weapons with visible shells (Shotgun, Automatic Shotgun, Grenade Launcher) will now properly reflect the ammo count if reserve ammo is less than the reload capacity
  • Added: Weapon fire attenuation added to better tell what direction weapon fire is coming from
  • Modified: Weapon skin system overhauled, now supports 4 distinct skins per weapon that can be picked up by other players
  • Modified: Rocket launcher projectile is now a part of the viewmodel and transistions to world model when fired
  • Modified: Props will tint to a darker color when they're damaged, unless specified otherwise by the mapper
  • Remade: New weapon firing and explosion sounds.
  • Remade: New grenade and throwing knife impact sounds.
  • Remade: New Ammo and Weapon HUD Icons
  • Remade: New bullet impact decals
  • Remade: New bullet impact particle effects
  • Remade: New blood decals
  • Remade: New sprays
  • Removed: Old sprays removed

  • Gameplay Updates

  • Added: Strafe running now gives a speed increase up to 1.4x base running speed
  • Added: Weapons will now dry-fire if trigger is held after emptying the magazine
  • Added: Damaging a player before they kill themselves now properly awards the kill to the attacker
  • Added: Falling short distances no longer deal damage but rather give you a temporary movespeed penalty
  • Added: Context-sensitive hit sounds have been added for head, body and limb shots
  • Added: Mines can now be stacked on top of each other
  • Added: Primed grenades will now drop and detonate if the player is killed before they are thrown
  • Added: Hit sounds added for damaging players with an explosion
  • Added: A new kill confirmation sound can be toggled in the multiplayer-advanced tab
  • Added: Added proper acceleration and deceleration values to doors and elevators
  • Added: Players can now drop multiple weapons on death, as specified by ge_weapondroplimit. By default they drop their active & strongest unused weapon.
  • Modified: Random Weapon Set now creates sets with coherent weapon ordering
  • Modified: Proximity mines are now sensitive to velocity. Crouching/walking will no longer set them off
  • Modified: Gamemodes can now control spawn invulnerability duration and if it can be broken by picking up weapons/armor
  • Modified: Spawn invulnerability now provides radar invisibility as well, to allow players to escape nearby aggressors
  • Modified: Damage code redone, along with explosion blast code so that both are much more consistent.
  • Modified: Weapon autoswitch will now avoid coming into effect if players are currently firing their weapon or have an explosive out.
  • Modified: No more autoswitch to timed mines.
  • Modified: Rockets and grenade launcher rounds are instant kills on a direct hit, and display as such in the killfeed
  • Modified: Shotgun spread is now only psuedorandom, preventing unfair spreads
  • Modified: Weapon spread now follows a gaussian destribution, with values that can be changed per-weapon. Shots tend towards the center of the crosshair and accuracy degregredation is sensible.
  • Modified: Invulnerability is now a damage cap over time instead of damage protection after each hit
  • Modified: Accuracy and recoil mechanics
  • Modified: Weapon damage values
  • Modified: Adjusted weapon kickback to be much more subtle
  • Modified: Weapon penetration special rules: Can no longer shoot through the entirety of maps. Door penetration unchanged.
  • Modified: Increased required fall distance to trigger player damage
  • Modified: Sniper Rifle zoom is retained between usage
  • Modified: Sniper Rifle default zoom reduced to 50% down from 100%
  • Modified: Spawning system greatly improved. You should no longer spawn directly beside an opponent
  • Modified: Hunting knife removed from spawn weapons
  • Modified: Slapper damage increased
  • Modified: Hunting knife damage increased
  • Modified: Melee hit tracing significantly improved. It is now easier to hit players with slappers and hunting knives
  • Modified: Throwing knives now find their target much easier
  • Modified: Movement speed increased for running and crouching
  • Modified: Armor vests respawn if knocked too far away from their spawn point
  • Modified: Switching teams now always forces a suicide
  • Modified: Explosions now only shake screen if nearly inside of them
  • Modified: Armor will no longer spawn as quickly if 2 players are fighting over it
  • Modified: New crouch jump animation to prevent large increase in apparent jump height
  • Modified: Round timer now flashes red/green when time is removed/added to it
  • Modified: Aimmode reduces weapon kickback
  • Modified: Round end conditions are more robust
  • Modified: Weapon spawners can now spawn their normal weapon after their override token has been picked up, eg: Golden Gun
  • Modified: props now take 1.5 times the damage to compensate for weapon damage adjustments
  • Modified: Reloads are audible to all players
  • Modified: Moved grenades collision group so they don't collide with players
  • Modified: Moved rockets collision group so they properly collide with players
  • Modified: Grenade/rocket projectiles no longer collide with weapon triggers or tokens
  • Modified: Grenade projectiles now have a team based collision group in team mode, so they no longer collide with teammates
  • Modified: Golden PP7 and Silver PP7 now use golden gun and magnum ammo, respectively
  • Modified: Picked up weapons now give 30 bullets instead of 10 (Some exceptions such as the Golden Gun)
  • Modified: Throwing knives now only damage players
  • Modified: Pushforce from weapons redone. High damage hits push players further and low damage hits have no effect at all.
  • Fixed: Throwing knife and hunting knife no longer switch to eachother with right click
  • Removed: Cooldown period between jumping has been removed

  • Console / Client / HUD / VGUI

  • Added: Impulse 28 cheat, which gives you a unique radar color based on your steamID
  • Added: ge_infiniteammo added, along with gameplay specific enabling of this functionality
  • Added: Added map-specific death messages to the kill feed
  • Added: Added console variable to hide dev tags and weapon skins
  • Added: Added “ge_nextsong” to tell the music manager to skip the current track
  • Added: Kills awarded to an attacker as a result of player suicide are displayed in the kill feed
  • Added: Added weapon help popout, which is accessed with F. Displays all the relevant stats of the current weapon.
  • Added: Added cl_ge_show_ammocount to disable ammo display
  • Added: Added cl_ge_show_pickuphistory to disable pickup icons
  • Added: Added console variable, ge_print_map_selection_weights, which prints all the viable maps and their weights
  • Modified: Main menu background updated
  • Modified: Changed some achievement names, “You Should Feel Honored” is now “You Should Feel Suave” and the criteria is different
  • Modified: Fast weapon switch now has the option to show the player's entire inventory when switching
  • Modified: Right-aligned weapon icons in weaponset popout help
  • Modified: teamscore HUD box only displays round score now
  • Modified: Rocket and grenade fuse times adjust based on phys_timescale
  • Fixed: Fixed gameplay popout help
  • Fixed: Fixed giveweapon function so it can't spawn weapons inside the floor and fail to give them to the player
  • Removed: “Custom Map” loading screen removed

  • Bot Fixes

  • Fixed: Bots will always take damage from the same triggers players do
  • Fixed: Bots use proper hull size now, which will help them avoid getting stuck
  • Fixed: Bots have had a rework of their behavior - will now hunt weapons and players reliably
  • Fixed: Bots no longer get stuck frequently
  • Fixed: Bots now wait the correct time for doors to open
  • Fixed: Bots are more aware of nearby enemies and items
  • Modified: Heavy rework of map bot networks for more intelligent bot behavior

  • General Fixes & Performance

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where you could get stuck by “X”ing out of the character select menu
  • Fixed: Fixed an issue where grenade launcher rounds would not bounce
  • Fixed: Fixed various movement exploits such as wall strafing and wiggle walking
  • Fixed: Fixed crouch jumping causing hitboxes to be inaccurate
  • Fixed: Fixed desyncing between doors and child objects such as windows
  • Fixed: Fixed “The Man Who Cannot Die” achievement being granted to players who had more than 10 kills on match end
  • Fixed: fixed teamplay variable getting out of synch which would mess up lag compensation
  • Fixed: fixed weapon-switch bug where you couldn't switch backwards between weapons in group one if you had to jump to the other side of the group
  • Fixed: Fixed rockets colliding with capture areas
  • Fixed: Fixed timer animation bugs
  • Fixed: Fixed aimmode bug where players occasionally would lose access to their crosshair
  • Fixed: Roundtimer now displays the correct time in all cases
  • Fixed: Roundtimer now responds much better to being changed mid-round
  • Fixed: Lasers can no longer be deleted without pickup if player doesn't have one
  • Fixed: Fixed bullet tracers and muzzle flashes to be more consistent
  • Fixed: Hitscan weapons now refuse to be blocked by lesser damage bodyparts if they can also hit a higher damage bodypart in the same trace
  • Fixed: Fixed penetration code ignoring entities penetrated shots ended up inside of
  • Fixed: “You can't win” achievement is now consistently obtainable
  • Fixed: Items can no longer be picked up through walls
  • Fixed: Players will now pick up the entire ammo crate when only picking up some of the ammo in it
  • Fixed: Respawnable entities will no longer get blocked by nonsolid entities like precipitation
  • Fixed: Player hull expanded by 0.5 units - It is no longer possible to see through walls when close to them on 16:9 resolution
  • Fixed: Aimmode functionality adjusted to prevent prediction errors and more seamlessly integrate with gameplay
  • Fixed: Fixed After Action Report bug with teamplay mode being displayed on first FFA round after a teamplay round
  • Fixed: Fixed After Action Report displaying wrong gameplay at the top
  • Performance: Explosions no longer have heatwave or dynamic light effects
  • Performance: Weapon muzzle flashes no longer light up static props
  • Performance: Precached weapon assets
  • Performance: Avoided precaching some unused assets
  • Performance: Datacachesize bumped to 128 MiB

  • Python

  • Added: Added python itemtracker which monitors items currently on the map for use by bots
  • Added: Added “OnEnemyTokenTouched” python callback
  • Added: canplayerchangeteam python callback given wasForced boolean parameter to let gamemodes know when players did not intentionally make the change
  • Added: Added MakeInvisible and MakeVisible python player commands

  • Server

  • Added: Added ge_addtoroundtime and ge_setcurrentroundtime to give more control to server admins
  • Added: Added map manager, a system which uses script files to determine what weight maps should have during selection and what gamemodes can be played on them.
  • Added: Added cl_ge_weapon_switchempty, which determines if a player is allowed to pull out weapons with no ammo
  • Added: Added round_ranks event for plugins to tell where people placed in the round
  • Added: Added map_rec event for game to communicate map selection choices to plugins
  • Added: Added ge_gameplay_threshold - a console variable which designates the minimum amount of players before random gamemode selection can occur
  • Modified: Capture areas can now be spawned in shortly after round start
  • Modified: Scoreboard can be switched to a time based display, for modes like VTAK
  • Modified: Create server menu now properly supports random gameplay and puts default weaponsets at the top
  • Modified: Only a widescreen loading screen is required for a map now
  • Modified: introduced more mapcycle functionality. Rotation will now avoid picking recently played maps, gamemodes, and weaponsets. How far back it looks is adjustable with convars.
  • Modified: Changed hardcode ban behavior to just kick instead of ban from server, so it can be reversed later if circumstances require it
  • Modified: Round_end event now reports the winner's score
  • Modified: Random_loadout selection criteria greatly expanded, will now avoid picking a set it has picked recently and avoids picking the same type of set twice in a row

  • Mapping Resources

  • Added: Added func_ge_door, a door that can accelerate and change direction mid-motion.
  • Added: Added func_ge_brush, a brush entity that can specify a custom collide group
  • Added: Added trigger_trap, which is a hurt trigger that can give custom kill credit and kill messages
  • Added: Added prop_ge_dynamic, a dynamic prop that can assign itself random skins on round start. Supports custom collision grouping.
  • Added: Added ge_logic_gate, a map entity that allows for more simple implementation of complex map logic
  • Added: Added ge_door_interp, which allows the visual part of a door to interp on the client instead of the server. Does not work well
  • Added: Added functionality to ge_gameplayinfo to allow maps to disable superflous areas at will
  • Added: Added ge_point_follower, an entity that will follow a target entity on a delay
  • Added: added special “slipnslide” material property functionality to certain material types
  • Modified: ge_gameplayinfo can detect more gameplay conditions like teamspawn use, and the specific gamemode in play
  • Modified: ge_gameplayinfo can now change the floor height of a map, which is used by the spawning system and radar.
  • Modified: spawners now have more outputs for mappers to use
  • Modified: ge_gameplayinfo can use GetConnectionCount to measure how many players are currently connected to the server so that the first round can be prepared appropriately
  • Modified: tokens can now be defined with skin of -1 to keep previously used skin
  • Modified: kill triggers no longer remove weapons from killed players
  • Modified: func_ge_brush can be flagged to remove weapons from killed players
  • Modified: ge_gameplayinfo no longer fires playercount and roundcount inputs at start of round to allow mappers more control
  • Modified: Spectator spawns can now be enabled/disabled by the mapper
  • Fixed: func_rebreakable respawns in the correct place when parented to objects
  • Fixed: func_door will now respawn the same way as other entities when the map restarts, making complicated entity systems much easier to implement
  • Fixed: trigger_push can now lift players off the floor reliably
  • Fixed: Fixed ge_debug_checkplayerspawns logic error and added in the ability to check for bot node compatibility

  • Networking

  • Modified: Increased default network rates
  • Maximum rate allowed by server is 187500 bytes/s (~1.5Mbps) per client
  • Minimum rate allowed by server is 4000 bytes/s (32Kbps) per client
  • Default network data rate used by client is 93750 bytes/s (750Kbps)
  • Modified: Changed default server minimum and maximum update/cmd rates and the default client update/cmd rates to 66
  • Modified: Reduced interpolation amount from 100ms to ~30.3ms


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