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Global Warfare Beta 1.5

22.07.2005 | 23:51 Uhr | von micro
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3.7) Proning

We metioned „proning“ is one of the major changes in Global Warfare. It allows the player to lay down and so to shoot very precise, even sustained. Especially M60 and PKM shooters can become very dangerous. But proning can also be dangerous for oneself. Because getting up and down takes some time, you have no chance if the enemy is throwing a well aimed grenade, which are by the way still very effective.


Proning can be dangerous for both sides.

3.8) I hate mines

Perhaps the deadliest change is in the mine code. While mines already were the probably most hated but at the same time loved element in Global Warfare, they now can lead to even more “interesting” situations. They don’t explode when you touch them anymore, but when you lift your foot off the mine.

Thumbnail Thumbnail

Left: Too late. Right: I can’t stand mines

That you are standing on a mine tells you a certain sound, which probably can only be heard when you are moving slowly. In that case only an “engineer“ can help you, because that class now can also defuse mines. Such situations can lead you to difficult questions.
Am I faster back in action if I commit suicide or should I keep on trying to explain my situation to a team consisting of strange finish players – especially difficult if they don’t listen and only speak with themselves in their even stranger language? I decided myself for thesuicide.

3.9) Changes in the gameplay

You can say that the new version hasn’t changed itself that much from previous versions, but can anyways look at some interesting new features. Those changes make the game again faster and more close combat based, which is why it is more similar to the first beta than to Beta 1.2. You have to get used to some changes in the maps and the weapon behaviour. But if you managed that, you should find your way very fast as player of the old version. For newcomers Global Warfare probably has become easier. The mission objectives have, through the new overhead maps, become clearer and the different classes, like the medic, are now also easier to use.

Thumbnail Thumbnail

Global Warfare has become faster and more close combat based.

4) Conclusion

In Beta 1.5 the current version has found a worthy follower. The gameplay, which was already in previous version very interesting, presents itself in a new, very appealing fashion. But the question, is the update coming too late, still unknown, because if the modification doesn’t find more players than the old version, who have been waiting for this release, the new version could be short lived. If you are is still playing Half-Life and looking for something new to play or maybe remember Global Warfare, you should definitely take a closer look at the new version.

von micro

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