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Plan of Attack: Interview

20.04.2005 | 20:12 Uhr | von Toto
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You don´t like playing anymore Counter-Strike or other games? You want new action and new missions? Maybe Plan of Attack is the right modification for you. Read our interview and you will recognize some exclusive informations, that nobody else has heard before.

1) Hello Mike, please tell us who you are and why are you making this modification?
  • I´m Mike and I´m the project lead for Plan of Attack. We´re making this modification because we wanted to make a FPS game that highlights teamwork and strategy in a way that actually works. We´ve all played other games where everyone runs around doing their own thing and not working together. We´ve also played games where the objectives aren´t clear or aren´t important, and where there is only one way to "win" the game. Plan of Attack is our attempt to offer an alternative solution.
2) Does Valve support you?
  • Valve has been great. They support us by answering technical SDK questions and providing feedback from playtests.
3) Do you think your mod will be an eSports-modifcation like Counter-Strike? Will you care on making this modifcation eSports-suitable?
  • Plan of Attack is very well suited to clan-based or tournament play. The strategy elements give teams plenty to plan before a match, in a way that´s even more important in other games currently being used in clan matches.
4) How long have you been working on Beta 1 till it has been released?
  • We´ve been working on Plan of Attack Beta 1 since the SDK was released
    in December 2004. We also did a gameplay prototype in HL1 before that.
5) How much time do you invest in your modification?
  • Quite a bit, and it shows by how quickly we´ve moved and released our
    first beta.

6) Tell us, will there be more teams integrated in your mod (e.g. guerillas or something like that
  • While the teams will stay the same (American Alliance vs Coalition Forces), we are planning on adding new player models such as a Citizen Soldier or Chinese Soldier.
7) What, in your eyes, makes Plan of Attack so unique in contrast to other teamplay-based modifications?

  • Teamplay is about more than putting a bunch of people into the same game. It´s about people working together to accomplish a common objective. The way that Plan of Attack has been designed does more than encourage teamplay - it makes it necessary to win, but in a fun way. The objective and strategy system is also unique, because it gives players more than one way to play (and win) the game.
8) What will be changed in upcoming versions, especially in the next

  • The next beta release will contain a number of bug fixes that have popped up, as well as some weapon tweaks. We´ve taken all of the feedback we´ve gotten to heart and are addressing many items. We´re also adding support for voice communication and we´re hoping to squeeze in a text-based radio command system. Maybe some new sounds, too.
9) When will the new version be released?
  • A few weeks.
10) Will come new Weapons and maybe Vehicles in near future?
  • We´re planning on adding new weapons, but no vehicles.
- Plan of Attack Homepage

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