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Perfect Dark: Source - Version Beta 1.1686 (Full)

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Name: Perfect Dark: Source - Version Beta 1.1686 (Full)
Dateiname: pdark-
Größe: 191 MB
Download-Zeit: Modem (56k) - 9 Stunden, 56 Minuten und 3 Sekunden
ISDN (64k) - 8 Stunden, 41 Minuten und 33 Sekunden
ADSL (800k) - 41 Minuten und 43 Sekunden
Downloads: 2.902
Letzter Download: 12.08.2020, 07:35 Uhr
Eintrag hinzugefügt: 18.08.2007, 04:27 Uhr, von Tacticer
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In Perfect Dark: Source geht es den Machern besonders darum, das Spiel für Nintendo64 so originalgetreu wie möglich wieder zu geben. Die - trotz der langen Nummer - zweite Beta entfernt Bugs, fügt eine neue Waffe hinzu, und nimmt viele Änderungen am Gameplay vor. Die Nummer bzw. Beta 1.1686 setzt sich auch 0.0 für die fertige Version, 1 für Beta 1 und 1686 für die Revision zusammen.

Der Changelog mit allen Änderungen:

  • Bugfixes

  • One server crash during changelevel.
  • Crash when joining a server with a different
  • language.
  • Fixed strafe lag.
  • "See through wall" problems reduced.
  • Reduced fov for widescreen users.
  • Headbob tweak.
  • During King of the Hill, hills will be transfered
  • to teammates when the king leaves the area.
  • Also, players shouldn't exit then enter a hill
  • to take it in case it spawned on top of them.
  • Cloaking removes decals on player.
  • Fixed some visual/auditive bugs with holding
  • the dash key but not dashing.
  • Headshot blur no longer racks up after
  • fixing the problem with rapid fire weapons.
  • Finished some missing implementation of a couple
  • awards.
  • Modified incorrect behavior of old cvars, and added
  • a couple. ie. pdark_hud_radar. See wiki.

  • Gameplay

  • Shields lower blur from damage.
  • Only Combat gamemode allows frags to add to score.
  • Cap gets a bonus shield.
  • Fall damage. Minimum, not realistic.
  • Just so no one says there's none.
  • Increased damage of low tier weapons,
  • and decreased damage of high tier.
  • Bettered weapon recoil when shooting.
  • Weapons and ammo respawn rates decreased
  • as player count increases.
  • Weapons can't reload until they are able to attack
  • again (the firerate penalty all weapons have).
  • Explosion rules modified.
  • 20% radius deals full damage.
  • From then up to 70% radius
  • it lowers up to 25% damage.
  • From then up to full radius
  • it lowers up to 10% damage.
  • Lowered explosion shake.
  • Explosion effects scaled by explosion radius.
  • All damages revisited, if every single one
  • of your attacks were to hit:
  • Unarmed takes 1.28s to kill.
  • Falcon 1.2s, melee 1.95s.
  • RCP120 1.7342s.
  • Superdragon mode 1 1.52s.
  • Shotgun mode 1: 0s.
  • Shotgun mode 2: 0s.
  • Handgun view kicks and spread slightly lowered.
  • sv_glasscannon (one hit ko)
  • sv_noreloads (duh)

  • Specific Weapons

  • Superdragon grenade bounces before exploding.
  • Increased its smoke trail effect visibility.
  • Superdragon doesn't fire 3 bullets in 3 frames,
  • does an actual burst now.
  • Superdragon muzzleflash more transparent.
  • Keep waiting for new art.
  • RCP cloak device drains from player first,
  • then from clip. During infiniteammo old behavior
  • is kept.
  • RCP cloak device ammo drain increased a tad more.
  • RCP cloak quality drops when reloading.
  • Grenades may be cooked, not eaten. If you hear
  • the fastblip you are doomed.
  • Fuse grenade effects removed.
  • Pinballs no longer explode against the skybox.
  • Unarmed punches (way?) faster but has much lower
  • range.
  • Falcon2 melee blur increased, attack rate increased
  • but not as Unarmed.
  • Enter Magsec4. To burst fire you 3 bullets minimum.

  • HUD

  • Player name on crosshair, hold fire to hide.
  • Chat display area no longer
  • obscured during end of round.
  • Free aim doesnt hit players and non static models,
  • so its more smooth.
  • Changed HUD colors to their pure versions
  • (pure blue, red, yellow, cyan).
  • Added fade to black during death,
  • plus a "Hold Any Key To Continue" message.
  • Btw, you have to release all keys first!
  • Voice Icon alpha fix
  • Added Norwegian language, fonts modified in order
  • to display Norwegian characters.

  • Details

  • Jump weapon bob modified.
  • Added X bgm code support, no music yet.
  • Added color transition support to particles.
  • Lower on teammate and raise on wall proximity.
  • env_sun entity modified so it rotates by ambient
  • time, visualization is not enabled by default,
  • but rotation is enabled for older maps.
  • To disable rotation (or properly use it) the maps
  • have to be recompiled.
  • Added timeoftheday parameter to
  • color_correctionvolume.

  • Modelling

  • Tweaked falcon's recoil.
  • Added weapon raise animations.
  • Crosshair tweaks on all weapons.
  • Weapon origin updates.
  • All weapons may use the cloak effect.
  • Modified superdragon's grenade
  • and added a grenade launcher fire effect.
  • Made cyan armpatch more cyan in color.
  • Also, added a "bellyring",
  • a colored ring that floats around teammates.

  • Felicity

  • Model Clipping.
  • Some unseen faces were nodrawn.
  • The rail at first floor was clipped.
  • Fixed the Ad decals bug.
  • Fixed elevator button, it no longer floats in air.
  • Fixed a pipe at dock.
  • Fixed a no draw texture at dock.
  • Fixed the Holo room hill display.

  • Ravine

  • Lava damage reduced and set to everything.
  • New elevator entity type.
  • The unclipped rail is now clipped.
  • Fixed some spawnpoints (add/replace/remove).
  • Reworked some hill.
  • Added Environment render change if daytime is on
  • see cvars to turn it on.
  • Fixed no draw textured face.
  • Fixed player clip on lavawall room.

  • Complex

  • Fixed missing cheese.
  • Fixed jukebox clipping.
  • Fixed street debris.
  • Fixed balcony clip.
  • Added Environment render change if daytime is on
  • see cvars to turn it on.

  • Villa

  • Hill reworked.
  • Spawn fixed.
  • Lowered displacement at wooden bridge.
  • Added Environment render change if daytime is on
  • see cvars to turn it on.

  • Other

  • If you placed specific weapons in maps (not set
  • weapons) you must recheck them and recompile
  • since the cloaking device was missing from the list
  • sorry :/
  • Whatever that was done but forgotten.


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