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Master Sword Continued - Version 1.2 "Dec 2010a" (Full)

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Name: Master Sword Continued - Version 1.2 "Dec 2010a" (Full)
Entwickler: Thothie
Dateiname: msc_full_installer_DEC2010a.exe
Größe: 552 MB
Download-Zeit: Modem (56k) - 28 Stunden, 42 Minuten und 39 Sekunden
ISDN (64k) - 25 Stunden, 7 Minuten und 19 Sekunden
ADSL (800k) - 2 Stunden, 35 Sekunden
Downloads: 3.725
Letzter Download: 29.03.2024, 01:56 Uhr
Eintrag hinzugefügt: 04.01.2011, 12:47 Uhr, von filL
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Ende 2010 wurde diese neue Version veröffentlicht. Nach fast zwei Jahren ist es wieder eine Vollversion. Es ist also egal, ob man Master Sword Continued bereits installiert hat oder nicht; man wird um diesen Download nicht herum kommen. Der sehr lange Changelog im Detail:

  • HOSTING NOTES: Starting an HLDS or listenserver with the -num_edicts flag may lead to crashes on some maps. Also, BOTH the Full Installer and the Patch will replace your listlib.gam file, which will remove any metamod you are using until you edit it again.

  • New Stuff
  • • Bloom - The poor man's HDR. Yes, we now have our own internal bloom mod that should not trip VAC. It needs some work though, as it is downright blinding on several maps.
  • Under the full installer and config, you should be able to tap "B" to toggle it.
  • (Otherwise, the bind is "toggle_bloom" if you have the extras.cfg executed in your userconfig.cfg)
  • ms_bloom_level 0 should also remove it (default level is 4)
  • You can also access it in Advanced Game Options.
  • • Polearms - That's right, a whole new weapon array.
  • Specific Polearms are in the spoiler section below, however, we figure folks need to at least know how to use them, so here's the basics...
  • All Polearms do the most damage when you strike an opponent at the maximum possible range. So with polearms, the trick to dealing the most damage is to keep your opponent at bay.
  • Charged_Thrust - Polearms with this ability will do double damage on the first charge level.
  • Block - Polearms with the Block ability have it activated by holding right click. Blocking will reduce damage and the chance to be stunned by creatures attacking from in front of you.
  • Spin_Block - On some polearms, entering block while backpedaling will initiate a Spin Block a few seconds later. Spin Block reduces damage even further than normal block, and can deflect most projectiles. Spin Block can only be maintained for so long, and using it repeatedly reduces the length at which it can be sustained.
  • Push - Polearms with this ability can push opponents away by using Block+Forward. This does no damage, but places opponents in a better position to be attacked, or allows the wielder to escape from a tricky situation.
  • Backhand - When backpedaling and holding the +use button, polearms with this ability will thrust with the butt-end of the weapon. This may stun or repel a single opponent who is very near the player, or offer an alternative damage type. This is useful when pinned by a single fast opponent or surprised by an otherwise damage resistant one.
  • Swipe - Polearms with this ability will swipe, instead of stab, if you attack while strafing. This usually does less damage, but the damage is consistent, regardless of distance. In some cases this may also offer an alternative damage type.
  • Throwing - Some polearms can be thrown by holding then releasing right click. The longer you hold the right click in preparing the throw, the further the spear will go and the more damage it will do. Creatures that are too close, however, will receive less damage from such a throw.
  • Charged_Throw - Polearms with this ability can be thrown at a specific charge level. Unlike a normal throwing spear, the amount of damage they do and the distance the projectile will travel is fixed.
  • Polearms are complicated, and also do not train HP very well, as such, they are not recommended as a starter weapon - though they are available on the starter weapon selection screen.

  • • New Parry System
  • Your Parry Value is equal to your skill with your equipped weapon.
  • If you have two different weapons, then each skill is added to your total Parry Value.
  • Shields multiply the Parry Value by x1.5-x3.0, depending on the type.
  • Double handed weapons also gain a x1.25 multiplier.
  • This will likely be more fine-tuned by weapon or weapon type down the road.
  • Parry no longer affects any stats, but various other stats have been raised to compensate (and then some).

  • • The console command 'clearsky' now only affects your client. The sky will remain clear, until you change maps or use setweather (which also now only affects your client).

  • • The Galat Storage chest now has about three times the capacity!

  • • New sexy female leathers. ;)

  • New Map
  • • Shadahar Village (sorc_villa) by Rickler
  • The villa watched over by Shadahar Palace offers many opportunities to friends and foes alike.

  • Map Updates
  • • Thanatos - some changes to the "bird madness".
  • • The_Wall - various stabs at various bugs, optimization, stability, and blockage issues.
  • • Umulak - various exploits and optimization flaws addressed.

  • Mapper Toys
  • • ms_dev_mode 1
  • Setting this in your server.cfg or listenserver.cfg will allow you to make your own scripts for testing with!
  • While in dev mode you cannot save your character, nor will dev mode work on FN.
  • Place your test scripts in the test_scripts folder, and reference them in your monster scripts with test_scripts/ (sans the .script extension)
  • Once basic testing is complete, you can submit your custom scripts to the team for use with your map.
  • Documentation package for scripts pending! (Meanwhile, here's a Half-assed set)
  • • New Additional Parameters (some of these are aliases of old ones)
  • • setfx_spawn_sound - Monster will have a magical sound effect on spawn.
  • • setfx_summon_circle - Monster will appear in a summon circle on spawn.
  • • setfx_fade_in - Monster will fade in on spawn.
  • • setfx_tele_in - On spawn, the monster will teleport and fade in with a sprite and sound effect similar to Sorcs.
  • • set_no_player_damage - Monster will not take damage from players.
  • • set_die_on_spawn_removed - Monster will suicide (or fade) if its monsterspawn is removed via killtarget.
  • • set_no_roam - Monster will not roam from its initial placement until it spots a target.
  • • set_roam - Forces a monster that doesn't normally wander about to do so.
  • • Again, these addparams may not function on some creatures (mostly those without the full AI.)
  • • Entity Changes
  • Deleting an ms_monsterspawn or msarea_monsterspawn will no longer automatically kill the creatures tied to it, unless the "set_die_on_spawn_removed" addparam is used.
  • mstrig_weather - has a new option to lock the weather to a particular state (preventing access to 'clearsky' 'setweather' etc.)
  • Prefixing scriptevent with "gm_" on a trigger_once or trigger_multiple will cause the event to be called against the Game Master instead of the player/monster crossing the trigger.

  • Bug Fixes/Other Changes
  • • New armor/player model system should put an end to various model scramble issues.
  • • Most swords should parry proper on right-click now.
  • • Artifact Chests require that you be in the top 75% of damage points to qualify.
  • • Damage points should restore properly on reconnect (within 1k).
  • • This is now MSC v1.2 (just to screw up your favorites list!) :D
  • • 'listresist' command now includes your "Darkness Level"
  • It is increased by using dark energy weapons/attacks, and decreases over time.
  • This currently has no effect, and is just for statistical gathering purposes.
  • • Optimized much of the debug overlay, reducing server CPU overhead by 5%-30%
  • • Some weather effects (snow/rain tint) will no longer follow you underground (or will fade out shortly after going underground or indoors, and return upon entering open sky again).
  • • Massive weather effect optimization (whole new system).
  • • Massive sprite/model consolidation
  • • Fixed allies running from fear effects that cannot damage them
  • • Large slimes now pass dmgmulti/hpmulti to offspring
  • • Fixed Bearclaw related crash
  • • Fixed Lodagond-4 horror crashes
  • • Fixed Graxnux double strike bug
  • • Fixed Skeleton archer AOE issues
  • • Fixed various Freeze Solid issues
  • • Fixed various chest/reward bugs
  • • Fixed Khaz Childre perpetual retreat bug
  • • Fixed Northmaul Charge System
  • • Various Projectile/Hitbox issues
  • • Issues with weather/vapors (see changelog for usage)
  • • Fixed "Potion of Protection from Spiders" bugs
  • • Fixed Mummy Hitbox bug
  • • All broken {Transparent textures should now be fixed (those in wads, at least)
  • • Fixed Corpse light Bugs
  • • Revamped newer boar model
  • • And the usual 100,000 other fixes and minor balance tweaks that I'm not going to list here...

  • Nerf Log
  • • Your Death will wipe all your hits from any non-boss monsters still alive, as far as XP to be gained by their being slain is concerned. Armor/Bravery status has no affect on this penalty.
  • • Fixed monster-flee related bugs

  • Known Issues
  • Starting an HLDS or listenserver with the -num_edicts flag may lead to crashes on some maps.
  • The first time you select your character on the character selection screen he/she maybe partially invisible. (This will resolve after the first time you spawn in world.)
  • The characters representing the male/female options on the new character gender selection screen are invisible, as new characters will be, before spawning in the world for the first time (to be fixed).
  • Weak skeletons struck by the Holy Lance projectile may get up again (once) - this is due to the fact that you've done so much damage, above and beyond their max, that they die before they can register the Rebuke Undead effect.
  • Monsters are invulnerable for 2 seconds after spawn (to prevent gibbing issues).
  • Using changelevel instead of votemap or admin_map may cause various visual issues.
Zusätzlich zum Changelog gibt es auch einen größeren gespoilerten Changelog. Wer diesen ebenfalls lesen möchte, klickt bitte hier.


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