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Forum > Editing > Allgemeines > "core deathmatch" hl1 mod
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"core deathmatch" hl1 mod
(Das hier ist der Forumeintrag, den ich auch schon auf ModDB gepostet habe.. Wollte es hier auch nochmal reinsetzen, damit ich schneller Leute für mein Mod-Team finde :) )

I'm a big fan of fast Deathmatch games like Quakeworld or Adrenaline Gamer (HL1DM Pro Mod). I made some maps for Half-Life and like to spend my time on thinking about competitive gaming.. and what features make a game competitive.
So.. after mapping, detailtexturing Half-Life, some modeling and playing a lot, I want to make a little Mod for Half-Life 1 (GoldSrc Engine) and need a Team.

I plan to name this project "Core Deathmatch", because I want to bring together classical core elements from popular deathmatch games.
It should have 2 modes.. or maybe 3:

Gamemode list:
-TDM (Team Deathmatch): Team Deathmatch mode like in Half-Life, playermodel = team. Can be used as 1 on 1 or FFA (Free For All) mode, too.
-Arena (Duel mode): 2 Players spawn with all weapons and full health / armor. These two players fight 1 on 1. After one got fragged, the next player on scoreboard will play against the winner of the last round.
-[Maybe CTF (Capture the Flag)]

I thought about making some HLDM maps and some DMC maps ready for my mod ( taking the maps and adapting the weapons placed in the map, maybe change some balancing.. but I'm not sure about this, yet.

My maplist until now:
- Crossfire
- Stalkyard
- Boot_Camp
- Stalkx
- Aerowalk
- Bloodrun (ZTNDM3)
- Claustrophobopolis (Dmc_dm2)
- The Bad Place (Dmc_dm4)
- Endworld (A map I made.)

+ Some aim maps
+ Some jump maps (Bunnyhop training, trick training)

Other maps can be added, later.

My main thought on the mod was making it simple. Making it with not many weapons, but senseful weapons.

Weapons list until now:
-Melee weapon
-No clue what weapon it will exactly be. Maybe an axe, crowbar, knife or saw.
-You spawn with Melee weapon
-Mp5 + Grenade-Launcher (HL1 / AG)
-Primary and secondary fire like in HLDM.
-You spawn with Mp5 (Ammo: 50 | 100, 0 ARGrenades)
-AR shot damage: 12
-ARGrenade damage: 100
-Rocket Launcher (DMC)
-5 rockets in 1 clip (inspired by Doom3)
-rocket damage: 120
-Grenade Launcher (DMC)
-5 grenades in 1 clip
-grenade damage: 120
-Lightning Gun / Shaft (DMC)
-No reloading
-Thin shaft
-No spread or recoil
-damage count and firing rate could be like in DMC, but must be tested.
-Gauss / Tau-Cannon (HL1 / AG)
-Like in HL1DM
-Maybe without Gaussjump
-[Maybe Crossbow (HL1)]
-Primary fire: shoot (120 damage per shot), secondary fire: zoom (same zoom-level like in HLDM)
-No crosshair outside zoom

Ammolimits must be tested, like all values listed here.

Items list:
-Red Armor (Gives 120 armor at max)
-Shield Battery (Gives 15 armor. When you already have red armor (150 ap), it will give you an extra energy shield (150 Armor at max). )
-Megahealth (Gives you 125 health, counting down to 100)
-Healthpack (Gives 15 health)
-[Maybe Longjump Module (HL1)]

+Ammo (9mm ammo box, argrenades, rockets, grenades, cells, uranium, [bolts])

You will be able to have 125 150 at max.

Planned movement:
-Running makes footsteps
-Walking makes no sound
-Crouching makes no sound
-Crouchslide will make a sound
-Jumping will make a sound (like in DMC)
-Walkspeed should be as fast as in Quakeworld.
-A smooth Bunnyhop
-Crouchslide (like in Quake 4)
-Rampjump / Slide
-Sliding up stairs when jumping into them in upright stance
-Rocket- and Grenadejumps (Selfdamage should be half of the normal damagecount)
-[+Gaussjump maybe, not sure about this, yet. May be bad for balancing]
-Falldamage should be 10, like in HLDM

Other ideas:
-Perfect netcode (Very important, since it will be a fast game..)
-Voting system (for changing map, kicking, forcing somebody to spectate, changing server settings like gamemode... etc.)
-Spectator mode
-Centered weapon models
-Adjustable Field of View up to "140"
-Shaders for water, teleporters and powerups

So.. I need a Team and I know this can be hard.. but I have this concept for some time now and I want to realize it.
Who wants to help me out?
The team needs:

-Texture artist(s)
-Model artist(s)
-Worldbuilder(s) / mapper
-Testers (later)

Yea.. Pretty much everything.. But I have much time and I will spent it on the project. As I said above, I have experience
in Mapping (GoldSrc Engine, Source Engine) and some basic skills in 3DS Max and Photoshop.

Contact me via PM or post a comment on this if you are interessted. Thank you :)
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